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Bayete Nkosi

Salute of Honor

The name Bayete epitomizes Africa. Bayete, means salute - in Zulu, the phrase is Bayete Nkosi and means 'salute to the king/chief or 'salute of honor,' it is the highest form of respect given - a royal salute give to all the guests of Bayete Group.

The golden age of the African Safari, recreated by Bayete, will be one of your greatest hunting experiences.

Southern Africa is a unique hunting destination with diverse wildlife populations offering hard and rewarding hunting; these factors come together to create 'The Great White Hunt.'

The diverse cultures and landscapes combine to create a once in a lifetime experience of Africa at its best. Bayete is where the combination of the classic African Savanna, the thrill of the hunt and the encounter with challenging game come together to create an exhilarating experience. The scenery and serenity of Africa will leave you spellbound.

Our outfitters are born and bred professional hunters that have cultivated their first-hand knowledge over many years and have several generations of hunting experience in the African bush veld. These dedicated and experience hunters treasure their land, appreciate the wildlife and are highly skilled in their profession.

We intend to make you an honored guest and to treat you to an hunt that will be a royal one - one we hope you will never forget.